Friday, November 8, 2019

Nature vs. Nurture Essay Example

Nature vs. Nurture Essay Example Nature vs. Nurture Essay Nature vs. Nurture Essay Things in life can happen from effect of heredity and environment. Nature, is from heredity, which is basically things that you get from your parents. Nurture, is the effect of the environment. Everything around you can affect you in both positive and negative ways. An example of a thing that is effected by nature is a talent. Things like musical skills are usually brought by parents. Reasearches has shown that parents who plays instruments will have children who has a musical talent. Lets take a musician for example, Bob Marley. He was a very amazing musician that most of the people love and respect. He composed tons of songs that people still like to hear today. He had a lot of kids, but the two most famous ones are Ziggy Marley and Damian Marley. Ziggy and Damians taste of music are the same as their fathers, which is reggae. Their lyrics also pretty much talks about the same thing, lvoe and freedom. Bob Marley might have influenced them a lot in this, which involves nurture, but the musical talents that Ziggy and Damian posseses comes from their father. An example of a nurture is a drug addict. People, usually teenagers will face hard times in their life. It might be due to poverty, lack of parents care or any other things. They might start hanging out with the wrong people, which might involve them in smoking. Sooner or later, they will start drinking, and then try on the softer drugs. As time goes on, they will start to do harder and more dangerous drugs, and their mind will not be satisfied if they are not taking the drugs. They will end up being a drug addict. These kind of people usually ends up in jails and those who doesnt have a good mental strength might turn into a psychopath. Being a psychopath is usually because of the environment that the person is living in. People might not welcome them in society, and they dont have much friends to talk to when they have problems. They might get angry fast and do dangerous things like hurting others or even commit suicide without thinking twice about it. There are also some things that can be affected by both nature and nurture. Take cancer for example. Some cancers can be hereditary. Breast cancer is a very dangerous cancer for women and it does pass on to your children. Girls whose mothers suffer from breast cancer will have a 60% chance of getting it too. But there are also cancers which arent hereditary, like lung cancer. Lung cancer is usually the effect from smoking. Again, smoking is usually resulted from nurture, or environment. Friends will always try to force you to smoke, and if you dont, you might not be welcomed in the society. There are also things that are affected by nature and nurture at the same time. Like professional athlethes. David Beckham, a 35 year old English football player is a fantastic sport. He has been playing professionally since he was 17 years old. His wife, Victoria Beckham was a singer in the group called Spice Girls. His son, Brooklyn Joseph Beckham is now 11 year old. He is very talented in football. His father has been training him a lot and he also goes to football school. Not suprisingly, Brooklyn Beckham can also sing. Even though he is not a professional singer, he likes to sing at home to his parents. Brooklyn has the talents inherited from his parents, and of course, the environment help, like the football school. Talents are wasted if they are not trained well, so you need both nature and nurture together to make something perfect. Andhika Pradana Grade 12

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