Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Critically review literature relating to leadership styles for your Essay

Critically review literature relating to leadership styles for your own nation and two other nations of your choice, considering - Essay Example This is due to the fact that such differences influence how employees view their leaders, the kind of attitude they have towards work, their expectations, as well as other significant issues. Leadership across cultures therefore calls for cultural adaptability on the part of managers, since managerial work gets more complex across cultures. According to Deal and Prince, â€Å"cultural adaptability is the willingness and ability to recognise, understand, and work effectively across cultures† (2011, n.p.). Cultural adaptability therefore supports that despite the fact that management across cultures is a complex task, success can be attained through satisfaction of the diverse employees, achievement of goals, and completion of tasks. Managers who want to be successful in a global environment are therefore called to embrace cultural adaptability as a value. This paper reviews leadership across Thailand, the United Kingdom (UK), and Germany focussing on how managers from Thailand may need to change their leadership style, when working in subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Germany. ... rs, Nardon, and Sanchez-Runde point out that the challenges faced by managers leading in a multicultural environment include lack of clarity on which culture to follow and maintain, the challenge of coming across many cultures within a short time making it difficult to learn about them due to time constraints, and the event of multicultural encounters taking place virtually through video conferencing and computers rather than through physical interactions (2013). Lack of clarity on which culture to embrace mostly takes place if an international project team, comprises of individuals from different cultures. Melkman and Trotman also support that â€Å"in large multi-national companies, young managers will often find themselves working in virtual teams with colleagues from all over the world, sometimes without ever meeting face to face† (2005, p. 4). This makes it difficult for these managers to discuss what each one of them believes are the roles of a leader and come to an agre eable conclusion, as well as how to measure success and a range of other essential factors. In addition, Melkman and Trotman point out communication is also a challenge (2005). According to Biech, â€Å"communication in a multicultural setting is much more complex and can result in inefficiencies† (2011, n.p.). Complexity in communication increases greatly when a team and customers are dispersed within different geographical regions. Deal and Prince assert that despite the fact that it is impossible for managers to exactly know how different people in different places behave, they should possess cultural adaptability skills (2011). Bhattacharyya supports this point when he asserts that at any time that managers of a certain company are need to travel and work in a culturally different country â€Å"it

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