Thursday, September 26, 2019

CNC-CMM & Poisson Distribution Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

CNC-CMM & Poisson Distribution - Coursework Example (Spitz Steven Nadav, 1999) A whole set of comprehensive algorithms are used to generate program in the CNC or Computer Numerically Controlled machine so that that the CMM is completely automated and the dimensions obtained are exact after accounting all the tolerances. Source:, 2006, measuring surface profiles of cars The Inspection probing system Probes are usually classified as contact probes and non-contact probes. Contact probes generate dimensions by physically touching the work piece while non-contact probes do not require physical contact. (Spitz Steven Nadav, 1999) Hard probes are the most simple of probes; the accuracy of which depends on the skill of the operator. The probe is made to have contact with the component and the dimensions generated after compensating for probe diameter. These are used to measure distances between components and diameter and the angles at which bores are located in a work piece. (Genest David, 1999) Source:, 200 6, Inspection probing system Touch trigger probes remove the manual part of scanning. An LED is used to generate a signal when the probe touches the surface of the work piece. ... Genest David, 1999), 2006,Stresses & displacement of an I beam of rail track Analog scanning probes are used to map surfaces of crankshafts and turbine blades. These are capable of continuously scanning large surfaces and generate analog output in the forms of contours and images. Irregular and complex shapes can be measured using this probe. This has two systems namely the open loop system and closed loop system. The open loop system senses the change is surface profile and adjusts itself automatically to retain contact with the surface. The open loop system on the other hand is driven along a predefined profile that is already present in the data base. It then generates an output regarding the degree of deviation of the measured profile from the standard piece. (Genest David, 1999) The non contact probes are the most effective way of generating data since contact between the probe and the work piece is done away with thereby reducing measuring errors. These laser probes direct a laser beam on the surface of the work piece. Its position is measured using the triangulation technique onto the probe receptor., 2006, Comparing actual and true surfaces Vision probe is another non contact probe which are give quite accurate results of small 2-D parts at very fast pace. This generates a number of measuring points on the image taken which are then compared to a standard work piece product. This gives us an inference about the deviations of the product from the ideal one. (Genest David, 1999) Communication standards The Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard (DMIS) improves the interaction between the computer aided systems like CAD/ CAM and the CMM machine to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the manufacturing process.

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