Friday, September 27, 2019

Leadership------read the requirement i send you carefully Essay - 1

Leadership------read the requirement i send you carefully - Essay Example Japan, China and USA. Finally the study will be concluding with an insight the recommendations to the managers of the organizations to enhance the domestic as well as international leadership. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Definition 4 Differences between domestic and international leaders competencies 5 Domestic Leadership Competencies 5 International Leadership Competencies 6 Leadership in domestic and international business 6 Discussion 7 Leadership styles & culture studies 7 Cross Cultural Leadership Model 9 Comparison of Domestic and International Leadership 10 Japan 10 China 11 USA 12 Conclusion 13 Japan 13 China 14 USA 15 Reference list 16 Introduction Definition Leadership can be described as a procedure to have supremacy on the group performance in order to reach to the business objectives. It plays an important role within the functioning of an organization. The incorporation of leadership theories or models helps in reducing various organi zational issues (Howell and Costley, 2001; Johnson, 2000). In this twentieth century, it has been evident that leadership characteristics have high importance in the efficient functioning in an organization (Song, Wang, and Wei, 2007). For eliminating the organizational issues and bringing a change within the organization, it is essential that the managers incorporate various leadership characteristics in their functioning (Yukl, 2009; Rees and French, 2010). There are mainly two types of leadership adapted by the leaders within the organizations. One is transactional leadership and the other is the transformational leadership. In transactional leadership, the leaders first set the objectives and goals for all the subordinates and then plans for implementation of different rewarding and punishment techniques in order to encourage them in conducting their operational activities according to the organizational objectives and goals. In transformational leadership, the transformational leaders first identify the required change and then set one vision thereby bringing the change process Transformational Leadership and Domestic Leadership- The transformational leaders believe in imaginative leadership for influencing the subordinates. They believe in strengthening the bonding with the followers and thereby building compassionate relationship with them. The domestic leaders follow transformational leadership for motivating the followers and encouraging them in making better performance. It becomes easy for the domestic leaders to develop compassionate relationship with the subordinates as there is no existence of cultural diversification. Thus form of leadership does not rely on the monetary rewarding techniques such as incentives, bonuses etc. Transactional leadership and International Leadership - The transactional leaders make detailed planning of whatever us going to be executed. These leaders prefer efficient organizations with high quality employees. These lea ders motivate their employees by means of practical methods rather than inspiration. It is so because only inspiration does not work out to be effective for the employees at certain point of time. In such a situation, it is essential to satisfy them by means of monetary rewards such as incentives or bonuses. The international leaders follow this form of leadership as it becomes easy for them to influence the subordinates by providing monetary rewards. Satisfying their demands would

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