Monday, August 12, 2019

Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Education - Essay Example ommon problem in any profession, especially any profession linked to the medical field is that sometimes students who are excellent in theoretical knowledge lack aptitude and practical knowledge required for the course. There are also frequent changes happening in the medical field in terms of technology used for equipment and testing, procedures etc.A good learner needs to be well equipped with the latest knowledge on the same. Teachers sometimes find it difficult to meet the needs of non traditional students. This could be in the form of language difficulties, knowledge gaps or international students who are from a different cultural background. As the article clearly points out, empowering the learner is always better than enabling him/her in the process. When the faculty acts as a tool for empowerment, it enhances its professional and social standing. When the faculty acts as a tool for empowerment of the learners, there is a raising of consciousness and increased self esteem among the learners. They also learn political skills required to negotiate and change healthcare system.[ Glass] The faculty should be the facilitator of learning rather than just instructor and evaluator in the learning process. The goal of empowering is to help them develop autonomy and a sense of accountability for professional practice. A faculty that would have tried to humanize the education process by reducing expectations and shouldering some of the responsibility for learning that should actually have been done by the students might actually undermine the confidence and autonomy (independence) of the students Enabling is defined as behavior of others that perpetuates dependent behavior.[Haber etal,1997].The term enabling might not be used in a positive sense. Many researchers feel that enabling is a component of codependency. Codependency is when a person allows another’s behavior(generally not conducive) to affect him/her.(Beatie,1987).80% of nurses had problems of

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