Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Lomi Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lomi - Essay Example Managers are therefore, challenged to act as advocates for their organization and products to enable them achieve their desired market share. Possession of the knowledge and skills of successful negation in such business environment is vey paramount. Steps towards a successful negotiation involve evaluating whether the situation at hand really requires negotiation. Then coming up with a plan on how to execute the negotiation progress, consequently, approaching the opposite party and creating a rapport is highly advisable. This rapport helps in creating a cooperative environment for the negotiation and preparing a critical thinking in this regard. Effective negotiation strategy is one that is systematic and involves deliberate thought. In that case, their strategies will be proactive and will be anticipative of the opponent reaction. Negotiation skills are better acquired through learning and practice. These persons will know how to present their case tactfully in a manner that is likely to be peaceful and result oriented. Concepts in the article that have similarities include the art of preparation before negotiation. Both the article and study material detail on the importance of diagnosing the essential aspects in the situation; such may include the context and history of the negotiations. Familiarity with the problem background and the reputation of the other opposing party is highly recommended. The second concept regards ethical approach used in negotiations. Here, both the article and the study material emphasize on negotiators to embrace ethical behavior. Such is the case that good negotiation will require concerned parties to avoid any aggressive approach to issues. On the contrary, such persons should put every effort to convey an attitude that encourages cooperation. This will in turn create an atmosphere where friendliness, openness, and thinking reasonably thrive. Lastly, both the article and the study materials cite

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