Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Develop a group proposal for a group of children who have been abused Essay

Develop a group proposal for a group of children who have been abused - Essay Example Abused children keep mostly to themselves. They suffer from a self imposed isolation which is directly connected to depression. (James, 2001) The majority of abused children blame themselves, thus resulting in poor self-image combined with trust issues. (James, 2001) Indeed, left alone, these poor children face a lifetime of self abuse and shame. (James, 2001) Accordingly, in the hopes of assisting these victims into a life of acceptance and social assimilation, this paper proposes group counselling. Group counselling will provide providing essential and effective relationship rehabilitation with these victims, and with peers who suffer with similar issues. (James, 2001) This group counselling requires group mentors who can devote themselves to these children, having effective skills and with the ability to show positive productivity. These group members are placed together in a way so that together their team effectiveness will be high. Accordingly, the process begins with the recruiting of group members. (James, 2001) According to William James' view "A therapeutic relationship with these abuse children is the group main goal" (James, 2001). The group goal is to establish a safe environment for the children in which these children feel free to discuss their issues, feel risk free and can enhance their personality. The objective is to empower the children and to augment their sense of self. The group is allowed to enhance their personality in way that they can start their life with positive thinking and having enough courage and power to start their life. The group will end when it is felt that they have achieved the objectives for which the group was organized. (James, 2001) Setting up the group Screening Group screening involves the recruitment of members according to their age, physical size and gender to provide a most balance group for the abuse children. The group screening mainly depends on the following issues : 1. Either the child is abused recently or it happened few days before 2. Either the child is highly disturbed with the event or not 3. Either the child has serious psychiatric disturbance or not like he might commit suicide 4. Is the child abuse more than one time All these issues must be taken in account while screening process. These all issues inform you that what type of balanced group you should adopt for group counselling. Parent of Legal Guardian Consent The consent of parent and guardian is taken in different ways; either the letter is send to them or we will meet them physically to get their permission. Usually the letter format is send to these papers showing a detail about this group counselling. Their objectives as what type of relation they will show and what type of after affects will incur. The detail of whole process and steps will be provided to the parents or guardian so that they can understand the major objectives of this group counse

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