Saturday, October 19, 2019

How can an eco-house change people behaviour in the culture of Saudi Research Proposal

How can an eco-house change people behaviour in the culture of Saudi Arabia - Research Proposal Example This policy has been intended towards securing ample housing for various segments of the citizens within the country. However, the issues of global warming, renewable energy utilisation and efficient use of the natural resources for building houses are also required to be considered for efficient â€Å"sustainable housing implementation† within Saudi Arabia. There has to be initiative from the government for formulation of policy towards provision of sustainable housing at affordable prices. Any policy in this direction should have to be inclined towards fulfilment of mainly three objectives. Firstly, the policies should generate housing enhancement; secondly, they should empower the poor and finally the policies should be able to provide a feeling of self-privilege to the weaker sections of the people. Provision of sustainable housing has to be therefore concerned with the formation of ecosystem of houses (Choguill, 2007). An appropriate solution to the present problem in the country with respect to economic as well as environmental perspective is the foundation of an architecture model of eco house for the country. The successful implementation of sustainable housing in Saudi Arabia is essential to be supported by the government and to be backed up by the public awareness. The aim of the paper is to derive the best course of investment towards this aspect of the economy that not only finds an eco-house model but also contributes towards the economic aspect of housing policies through the royal order. The aim will be fulfilled with the help of achieving the objective of this research. The objective is to conduct research and identify every possible ways of designing an eco-friendly house that suits within the environment of Saudi Arabia. The methods of building sustainable houses are inclusive of making the best and comprehensive utilisation of the solar power, design of the site of house building, ventilation and natural light. For fulfilling the objec tive of this research, the methods will be analysed and presented for the creation of an eco-friendly house compatible with the Saudi Arabian environmental conditions such as that of availability of natural resources (Susilawati & A-Surf, 2011). The architecture model of an eco-house has been selected as the best option to the Saudi Arabian housing issue because it is an eco friendly house which provides the basis of leading a sustainable life to the people. The architecture model will be developed on the basis of availability and effectiveness of the natural resources within the country (Fields, 2011). With the designing of the most appropriate architecture model of an eco-friendly house for Saudi Arabia, the problem of both the economy as well as the environment can be encountered. The various methods of utilising the natural resources along with their effectiveness will provide the basis of architecture model of an eco-friendly house in Saudi Arabia. Architecture Model of Eco-Hou se for Saudi Arabia The following are the eco-friendly aspects to be incorporated within the houses to be build throughout the Kingdom: Water Storage facilities of rainwater, whenever it occurs should be incorporated in the sustainable houses. As there is scarcity of rain in Saudi Arabia, wells can be dig for gathering natural water from quite underground level which can be further utilised for using in laundry, cleaning and toilet. Various

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