Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Literary elements Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Literary elements - Essay Example The story revolves around the picture of the white elephant, which indirectly puts the situation of the girl into a simpler picture. A white elephant means that something is too expensive or too costly to keep up that it becomes a nuisance. The girl keeps mentioning the white elephant over and over the story, emphasizing that there is something that burdens them. But as can be seen throughout the story, hesitation can be seen in her voice when she talks about the simple operation that her partner is suggesting. This shows that the girl is torn between keeping the white elephant, or going through with the operation to get rid of it. The white elephants, then, becomes the symbolism for keeping the baby, which is obviously what the partner is trying to rid of. Throughout the story, we can see that the exchange of statements between the girl and the man is full of tension. The reader can feel that the girl is torn between going through the operation and not going through with it. We cann ot feel that she is scared but more that she is worried that the plan will not go through as simply as the man puts it. The man is insistent, almost sounds too pushy, when he mentions that the operations is just simple, just letting air in through and everything will be alright again.

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